Pre-thesis — Process Log 3/24

After writing an essay on Georges Bataille and the concept of transhumanism for my Media Theory class, I gained a good amount of background on cyborgs — how many cyborgs exist today, what kind of cyborg technology already exists, and where cyborgs are headed. I asked the question, can virtual reality make humans cyborg? I asked this because VR immerses humans into another reality, where as cyborgs combine the human reality with robotics. After pondering this question for a bit, I realized I wanted to design a VR prototype for my pre-thesis. I have to develop the prototype more and continue to think of ideas, however, I plan on creating a 3D version of my prototype to showcase next week. Right now, I have basic sketches of what I want my prototype to look like. The user stare into a VR headset and only use buttons on their phone/or headset to move around the virtual world. The experience would allow users to navigate through our own biosphere and explore spaces beyond the biosphere. Users can explore other planets and travel through space, along with other users who have the VR experience as well. Uses can also interact with others who have the same experience.