Matt Winnicki — A4, part 1

I wasn’t sure where to start when it came to sketching out my designs, so I first decided to do some research on what type family, color palette, and raster images I could use. I looked up which were the best font families for both diversity and print/web design. I came across this free Google font, Open Sans, released ten years ago by typist, Steven Matteson. He’s known for developing font families for game consoles, Windows, and Android devices. Open Sans is a sans-serif font similar to Leo Sans.

For my color palette, I went ahead and researched what colors were inclusive around and found an article titled, Design for Diversity of Cultures: Perception of Colors. The article gave me information about what each color from the rainbow represented in both Eastern and Western cultures. After reading through Western, Eastern, Asian, Chinese, Indian, and Latin American cultures, I found out orange and blue were the most positive in each color. Since theser colors also work together, I figure I can incorporate them onto each of my deliverables. I amy add additional positive colors as I develop my deliverables, though I’ll stick to those two on my sketches and color palette for now.

It took me some time to contemplate my poster’s subtitle, however, I finally settled on “Recognizing the unheard voices in design,” though I might change it in the midst of creating the poster. For my sketch I added a blue header, while including an orange headline and sub headline, whereas the body of my poster is the opposite. While I’ve been looking for vector graphics, I think I’ll use images of the speakers and their presentations on both sides of the type. I chose a manuscript grid since it’s the most simplistic and best for poster design.

I chose “the west graphic design curriculum mustn’t continue to resist diversity” for my article spread, though I don’t think I’m going to stick sith my ‘deck,’ which is “Hp shares five measures they use to raise awareness of inequality in the creative industries.” I want to incorporate quotes and/or images on my spread, though I still need to do more research for what I’d like to include. Since I’ll be using a complex design system I chose a modular grid for my spreads.

I had some trouble figuring out how to propotation my header and details on my website landing page since there’s a lot of text to include, however, I’ll continue to work on my header and details as I develop the website on Illustrator or Figma. I’m also not sure how many pieces of visual content I want to include in addition to the type. I used a column grid since they are the best grid system for web design.

Poster Design
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