I’m not going to lie, I spent hours knit-picking the tiniest details with this assignment, especially leading, size, and weight. I read through the section on Text and chapters in Graphic Design School to make sure I was properly implementing each task throughout the document. I paid close attention when it came to tracking and kerning as I completed more and more tasks.

I struggled the most with “Presentations” on the first page because I wasn’t sure where to put it in relation to headline and body text. I decided to move put “Presentations” a little bit higher than “1:00pm” to show it was a headline, although I kept a bunch of whitespace in between “Hosted Online by New York University” and “Presentations,” the two different headings. I moved the last three lines of text to separate them from the body text and create visual hierarchy.

For the second page, I similarly separated the top and bottom three headings from “Presentations” and the body text, while indenting “Presentations” once and the times twice. From a design perspective, I felt the event and individual/group’s name should be indented again after the time.

I struggled with the third page because I wanted to differentiate the weight of “Presentations” from the top and bottom three headings, however, it was difficult since we could only use two weights.

I knew for the fourth page’s color, I was either going to use a red or dark blue, so I used an online spinner to help me make that choice and I have to say, I’m not sad about it. This time, I decided to leave “Presentations” in black because I thought it’d be more balanced with the body text.

I used a 26-size font (the largest font on the page) for the first headline on the fifth page because I felt like the event, date, and location should be emphasized. I chose to have the bottom heading be the same size as the events, while the times and names are both the same size. Since I could choose up to four sizes, I only used a size 22 font for Presentations because I felt it justified the other text.

I copied the leading from the first page on the sixth, while also using the same indentation from the second page. I also used dark blue on the top, bottom, and “Presentations,” however, I kept “Presentations” black to keep balance with the body text.

I implemented the same font sizes from the fifth page onto the ninth, however, I only added color to the top heading. I also have “Presentations” the same size as the events, while the bottom heading is the same size as the names.

Finally, I took advantage of italicizing the text for the last page and used said weight on the events to emphasize their detail. I also chose not to indent the events and name after the times because I felt it’d be too much with the other texts’ display. I also used even spacing between the top and bottom headings as a design choice.