Game Design Reflection — 8/10

Matt Winnicki
2 min readAug 9, 2021


I enjoyed writing my narrative more in-depth this past week and I’m excited to receive feedback on what to incorporate into my project. I realize I spent too much time focusing on the beginning and storyline of my game that I didn’t focus on where to implement variables and stats to enable the play aspect of my Twine story. Right now, I have two passages containing stat holders: one which displays Ashe’s mental/physical health after they travel from the other side of the planet and another where the player has to decide whether or not to save their life after they fall into a ditch.

I think it would also be beneficial to have my player carry items such as a battery pack, oil, and toolbox, so it could be a continuous stat the player checks throughout the game, and they can pick up more items along the course of the story. I’m curious how if/else statements will work in my story because I feel like they could play with choices like saving Ashe’s life and choosing whether or not to leave Mars. I still need more choices, but I’ll see what people think during tomorrow’s workshop.

I already know the sound effects and music I’d like to include in my story, which are alien sound effects I’ve found off of and a few songs from various artists I listen to. I’m excited to include the various images I’ve found off of Pinterest as well because they fit into my story’s dialogue perfectly and the user will have a visual representation of how the game spans over time.

I enjoy working in Twine and I’m happy to have learned how to set up variables and condition statements because I’ve never worked with them in Twine before. It’s funny because all this variable/conditional knowledge is coming back to me from creative coding. I’m curious, can a user create an interactive story in p5.js? If so, I’d like to try working on said program and see how an interactive story would play out on there.

In the future, I want to start working in Renpy, but I first would have to start learning a bit of advanced coding like Python. I also want to implement my Twine Story into a Unity program where the user has a 3D gaming experience/choose your own adventure like in Life is Strange. This game will be a part of my thesis and something I develop more in-depth through the course of the Fall semester. Additionally, I’ll have more worlds to build and see where to incorporate them into my game.

While I’m sad my time in IDM is nearly over and I’ll only have one in-person course (hopefully) I’m grateful for the several courses I’ve taken in the program, as well as gained experience in UX Design, Accessibility, 3D Modeling, Unity, Ideation/Prototyping, Media theory, Visual Design, and Game Design. I look forward to starting my thesis and working in my degree field, but I also look forward to continuing my own studies of design and media once I finish my Master’s.